Saturday, July 12, 2008

The purpose of this website

I must admit that this idea was a little bit inspired by someone else 's blog but still...The purpose of this blog is to help animals, to give them a chance and to make that happen I want to sell my work.If you read my other blog you must have seen that I like to take photographs, some of my pictures have been published, some have not, anyway the idea is that by selling my art I will donate 50% of the money to an animal shelter here in Romania. You must understand that many of the animals here have absolutely no protection whatsoever because of the fact that there's no Animal Police!!!So this is what I offer: I will post some pictures daily and you will be able to order the following: Simple photos in different sizes, calendars, mugs, mouse pads, key chains and last but not least card with text written by Kaarin Kaya Kai(you can choose the text if you want) or simple.

The prices will be listed soon enough

PS: The pictures will appear without the Deviantart copyright, its purpose is to prevent stealing.