Tuesday, April 28, 2009

All the great things's been happening for the past 4 years... I got my camera, I got to spend my 18th birthday at the seaside and sing "It's my party" by Lesley Gore in the seaside on the EXACT same day and hour when I was born....only 18 years later:P:P:P....I went through my first big break up...and many many more thing. But one of the stuff I'd like to share with you is meeting the Metallica boys which was f.... crazy. I remember waiting for that moment for like 6 months when I got the ticket and I imagined various situation on how it would be and what would I say. But obviously that day it had to rain and I looked like crap :|:|:|:|:| and said some stupid platitude, but I didn't beat my best friend on that one (=))=)) -- I had to say it !!!). Anyway, every little one of these things happened while I was with my best friend, we shared them'all and we'll have what to tell our gran kids...Something else happened a couple of days, a friend of ours told us he could talk to Kirk's brother (Hammett) and get us some autographs from the boys at the RRHOF -- but obviously he could not guarantee it. Today we picked up the envelope from the post office with 2 pix signed by Kirk, Rob, Jaymz and and course Richard Likong. You can't imagine how I felt.... Anyway, it's nice having someone who you can share these kind of events. I'll post one of my favorite songs below:

Horns Up! Pictures, Images and Photos
 happy....every day counts!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Lucky 13

Lucky no. 13 by ~RowanIris on deviantART

I know today is not 13th but I so love this picture I made. It's been so long since I last loved something I did that this is the only thing I've been talking about since yesterday:P happy....every day counts!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Mandarin Duck by ~RowanIris on deviantART

Look how cute this little fellow is...Today it was a nice day....Indeed I started it with a little spicy due to unforeseeable stuff, but it all passed. I went with my best friend @ the library today but instead of reading what we had to read we ended up gossiping with a friend which we haven't seen in a long time. After that we walked in the park and took a few shots. If you wish to see more pics check out my deviant gallery by pressing on the photo. Thank you for reading :) happy....every day counts!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Stand still by ~RowanIris on deviantART

Let's say that I'm back. Well at least I'm a bit satisfied with the recent pictures I've made. There are about 4 new ones which, if you are interested, you can see them on my personal gallery on deviantart. --- just follow the link above. Have a nice day and THANK YOU Doina and Ana for your concerns and carrying. happy....every day counts!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Shadows and lights

Have you ever thought how it would be if your shadow would just vanish? happy....every day counts!