Saturday, July 12, 2008

About me

“Now, I have only one question to ask...or maybe two. Do you, almighty alchemist, keep the essence of your potions in vials?! And what happens if you mix them up - do i turn into a portrait or do i crimson and then explode?! However, it is admirable that you turned love, friendship and talent into your sorcerer's stones and use them to turn the essence of life and happiness into gold.” - by Kaarin Kaya Kai

Hello my name is Iv Sadovsky, that's not my real name, it's just something that I invented.I hope you don't get upset but I am more comfortable using a pseudonym due to all the crazy people that run around here. I am 19 years old but not to far from my 20's,and I love taking pictures,God, that sounds like an AA meeting. I prefer black and white style and from time to time sepia. But for a couple of months I started to make a lot of Macro, maybe because I want to observe things more closely, to be more attentive, more calm, more of myself I think. From my point of view when you look at a B&W photography you can really see the essence of the certain thing you were focusing your camera on. I really think that you can make a good photography out of something not as appealing, as someone just a few weeks just said to me: "We, artists have the magnificent pleasure to make something out of nothing!" - This really thunderstruck me, it was a beautiful and intelligent thing to say about us, artist. Many people think that if we are artists we don't know nothing more than that but actually it's a really stupid thing to say. SO you, that someone, thank you. I think I've always loved photography but life made it possible to experiment it since 2006 since I've became legally responsible and when I returned from the seaside where I spent the most adventurous birthday with non other than my best friend, Sun.....Isn't that something? My muse, my friend,my model is my best friend whom I drag in order to make a couple of thousand photographs during a day but to which I thank and respect a lot. Bows to you sweeatheart Any way I hope you enjoy my photography and you can always visit my page at: or

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I hate liars and people that don't express anything, people that have nothing to say and just listen, I hate people who critique my work and don't have the knowledge to do so, the ones who just practically fade out in this world. I have flaws, like every human and I learned to admit them.I may not be the smartest person on the Planet, but hey, are you that smart person that everyone is talking about?No, then okay let me move on with my description. I hate people who can't see what's in front of their eyes because they have a big nose and I am not talking about a nose malformation. I give chances even if I don't show it but that doesn't mean that my chances are endless. I have a big ego and I show it every time I have the opportunity. When I do my work I do it with all my heart because I don't usually do it alone, and when there's to of know the rest. I'm not "into" photography or do itbecause that's the trend, I do it because it was a dream of mine as a child that came true a little while back. I want to keep practicing so I'll become a good photographer! So you are free to judge me as I am free to judge you, even if theoretically the only one who has that right is God.
Be intelligent and don't lose the sense of reality. Everyone of us has a talent, a gift -- use it!


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