Monday, November 28, 2011

About Lying - From wikipedia

A lie (also called prevarication, falsehood) is a type of deception in the form of an untruthful statement, especially with the intention to deceive others.

To lie is to state something with disregard to the truth with the intention that people will accept the statement as truth.

A liar is a person who is lying, who has previously lied, or who tends by nature to lie repeatedly—even when not necessary.

Lying is typically used to refer to deceptions in oral or written communication. Other forms of deception, such as disguises or forgeries, are generally not considered lies, though the underlying intent may be the same

Contextual lie

One can state part of the truth out of context, knowing that without complete information, it gives a false impression. Likewise, one can actually state accurate facts, yet deceive with them. To say "Yeah, that's right, I ate all the white chocolate, by myself," utilizing a sarcastic, offended tone, may cause the listener to assume the speaker did not mean what he said, when in fact he did.

Lying by omission

One lies by omission when omitting an important fact, deliberately leaving another person with a misconception. Lying by omission includes failures to correct pre-existing misconceptions. Also known as a continuing misrepresentation. An example is when the seller of a car declares it has been serviced regularly but does not tell that a fault was reported at the last service happy....every day counts!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Vets and Pets

So it's been a while since my last blog but life's twisted ways got me in it's swirll. Anyway you know I've been down lately but this is going to be a happy blog.
Since my last blog I wanted to quit my job and I've been supported to do so, but I realized that this is not the solution. I always come back to my decision in staying there and find a way to work it out and that is the best solution because I don't want to quit, I don't like to do that. I think that if you love something or what you do you should fight for it and I do, I do love it so much. I love the people I work with, there's my teacher, who is a brilliant surgeon, a carrying person, a great boss and last but not least someone who will always help you and on the other side there's my other doctor who is a wonderful person, carrying, kind, someone who always wants more for the people who cares about and always but always tells you the truth plain and blunt. Sometimes in life is great to hear the truth eaven if it hurts. Everyday I have something to learn medical related or not. So thank you for the everyday lessons :)

"I can't think of 10 reasons why I want to be a vet but I can gve you a 1000 reasons why I'd like to quit. And they make it harder on purpose...there are lives in our hands. It comes a moment when it's more than just a game. And you either take that step forward or turn around and walk away. I could quit but here's the thing ... I love the plain-field" happy....every day counts!

Sunday, May 29, 2011 happy....every day counts!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

When a tornado meets a volcano

Don't take it word by word....I just love one lyric....
When two similar personalities meet it usually ends up explosive....but people are used to make sacrifice for those they care about, right? I'm sure everyone of you has done that at least once for those they care about....I'd just like a chance to show that a first impression can be wrong sometimes. happy....every day counts!

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Life can change in a matter of seconds.....radically I mean...this happened to me this week....I dicovered who I am....I wasn't broken....just diferent, and diferent is not always a bad thing. A person can change you so fast you don't know what hit you...Now I just have to process the information and hope for the best.
I just hope it doesn't turn out bad because I've been so down lately I don't know how much I could take it.
But someone told me that if you set your mind about something it will happen... happy....every day counts!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

people that you got used to

it's weird when people you have around you change their behaviour drastically, you start wondering were you did wrong and looking back you realize that there are things that you could've changed if you paid more attention to the details, but we usually realize this things when it's too damn late and you can't change a thing and not even apologizing doesn't work anymore. I used to be a very happy person, just like in the quote i have as my signature but something changed, life got me so caught up with things that i forgot to smile and enjoy to little things in life and that's sad because i make people around me uncomfortable without even realizing.
I think it's time i should do some introspection and do something about this situation before i start losing important friends.

I'm sorry that i don't always pay attention and that i leave the impression that i'm always bothered about something and that i always have line in storage. I am good person who just cares a lot about the people around her. Do know that every one of you play an important part in my life. I do love all of you that were here for me in my darkest hours and in my moments of joy. Each of you represent a statue for me which i'd love to become some day.

Thank you for being what you are! happy....every day counts in

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Life would be dull without people you look up to

MIRELA CHIOVEANU, European Women at War (1914-1918), pp. 47-62


"Working in agriculture and industry, as nurses with the Red Cross, or helping as auxiliaries in the Army, women are to many the unknown and unpraysed heroes of the First World War. Their contribution to the war effort, sufferings and trauma have been ignored by governments at the time, and covered by the Great Deeds of politicians and generals, and the deafening noise of the great, heroic battles. From this perspective, the Romanian case is a paradigmatic one. Using the models developed by Gill Thomas and Maria Bucur, the present study investigates the participation of Western and Romanian women at war as reflected in documents, media, diaries. Following this, asymmetric comparison will help underline the similarities and differences between the ”home front” in England, France and Germany on one hand, and Romania on the other hand. Women emancipation, pacifism, socialism, feminism, war, trauma, and memory; are but a few issues introduced with this study. My intention was not to write a ”herstory”, defending women, and providing heroines, but to open a new, unexplored area of research that is too often considered unimportant or un-accessible. The main purpose was to analyze the impact of interventionist state policies on women life, and to reveal some European, and national outcomes of it. In this sense, the Great War represented an excellent case."


This person was my headmaster for 4 years. High school wasn't nice for know how growing up is. Well I remember her, all smile and full of joy, she always ha a nice thing to say about everyone. When you need an advice she definitely is a good person to talk to. I respect her greatly because she has more of a backbone then a 100 people. I miss high school for that perspective, plus my colleagues weren't that bad.

It was so nice seeing her today:)
Well, I hope you had a great reading, I know I did. I'm so proud of her. happy....every day counts!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Life as it is full of adventures.....Who couldn't be proud of these two people. My surgery teacher and in the back entering the room, his co-worker, who makes life much easier than it is....for me at least. I respect them so much. Thank you for being here!

Ps. The dog is Boxi, the first dog in Romania with a pacemaker , she's 13 years old :) happy....every day counts!