Saturday, November 15, 2008


I just like to say that the art you are about to see is....there are no words to express how beautiful it is.She is our friend on Deviantart and even if she doesn't have time to talk to us all we know that she appreciates all of us! Thank you Thelma for adding color to Deviant!

This is one of her Apophysis

Twisted Blue Wing by *Thelma1 on deviantART

You can buy some of her work here [link]

Friday, November 14, 2008

Guitar Lessons

Professional rock guitarist Chris Scianni, former guitarist of Dangerman, Echobrain (with Jason Newsted), Cooley High, and other projects, is now offering private guitar lessons in Manhattan.

The emphasis of teaching will be placed on learning basic guitar skills, chords, improving performance skills and improvisation. Gain a full understanding of how to create and use sounds with the proper equipment. Both acoustic and electric guitar can be covered.

Extremely patient, excellent with children as well as adults. All ages are welcome.

Each lesson is one hour, geared to the type of music you enjoy. Rates for lessons are competitive. Schedule is flexible, all lessons can be worked into the times that are the most convenient for you.

Lessons are generally held in your home. If necessary, lessons can be held in my home in Manhattan. Guitars, pedals and amps available for use.

Please contact for a consultation.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Check out an amazing artist on deviant art! His work is really amazing...

Click on the image to see his entire gallery.

Friday, November 7, 2008

One day...

One band... One mass of people... One purpose... METALLICA!
23rd of July 2008

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Under no circumstance!

I do have some things to specify for some of you. You are not allowed to use my photographs without my approval under no circumstance. Not on myspace, facebook, forums, website,etc. You cannot modify them or use it as if it were yours. Please respect my work!


The video speaks for itself....

Earthlings - Intro

Part 1 - Pets

Part 2, 3,4,5 - Food

Part 6 - Clothing

Part 7,8 - Entertainment

Part 9 - Science

Part 10 - Conclusion

Hey guys sorry for the absence but I've been a lit bit busy with college and renovating the house but now it's all over and I can start blogging again...School's not over but that doesn't matter.
I've recently photographed Dana Nalbaru, an artist from our country, I'll post a song from youtube too so you can see what kind of songs she sings. The song is called "TU" which means "YOU" in Enghlish and it's about love, and how you can be in love with anyone, even if he's chubby or black, or fat, or whatever....souls fall in love not bodies.

I have the artist's approval to post the pictures and the video.

These pictures are available in all sizes and for all photo options that are specified in the blog entitled "The purpose of this website".For prices contact me at

Take note that the photo you will receive won't have the DeviantArt copyright!

Every photograph is signed by the author.