Thursday, February 10, 2011

Life would be dull without people you look up to

MIRELA CHIOVEANU, European Women at War (1914-1918), pp. 47-62


"Working in agriculture and industry, as nurses with the Red Cross, or helping as auxiliaries in the Army, women are to many the unknown and unpraysed heroes of the First World War. Their contribution to the war effort, sufferings and trauma have been ignored by governments at the time, and covered by the Great Deeds of politicians and generals, and the deafening noise of the great, heroic battles. From this perspective, the Romanian case is a paradigmatic one. Using the models developed by Gill Thomas and Maria Bucur, the present study investigates the participation of Western and Romanian women at war as reflected in documents, media, diaries. Following this, asymmetric comparison will help underline the similarities and differences between the ”home front” in England, France and Germany on one hand, and Romania on the other hand. Women emancipation, pacifism, socialism, feminism, war, trauma, and memory; are but a few issues introduced with this study. My intention was not to write a ”herstory”, defending women, and providing heroines, but to open a new, unexplored area of research that is too often considered unimportant or un-accessible. The main purpose was to analyze the impact of interventionist state policies on women life, and to reveal some European, and national outcomes of it. In this sense, the Great War represented an excellent case."


This person was my headmaster for 4 years. High school wasn't nice for know how growing up is. Well I remember her, all smile and full of joy, she always ha a nice thing to say about everyone. When you need an advice she definitely is a good person to talk to. I respect her greatly because she has more of a backbone then a 100 people. I miss high school for that perspective, plus my colleagues weren't that bad.

It was so nice seeing her today:)
Well, I hope you had a great reading, I know I did. I'm so proud of her. happy....every day counts!


Anna said...

It is nice to see that people are appreciated. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Iv. Hope all is well. Anna :)