Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Live by the code that you gotta move on

Yesterday night I saw this amazing woman perform on stage. It was one of those moments when time flew right of those moments when you're in the first row and after hours and hours of standing in your feet your back starts to hurt, your legs feel like they're beginning to grow roots but it doesn't matter because up there on the stage is the person you've wanted all your life to see.
As you may know Anastacia holds a very important part in my life, she is one of the reasons I started to move on after my grandmothers death. The night before the concert I wrote her a letter, I hoped that I would get to give her that letter, but somehow I know that there was a little chance to do that, but it happened, it actually happened. When a guy from her crew passed before my eyes I told him to give her the letter because it's very important. After the show the guy came to me and he said that he gave it to her sister and she'll read it by the time she gets to the hotel, so you, stranger, whoever you are, THANK YOU. My dream came true...
Something else happened...something that I would never think that would happen it me...During a song entitled "I belong To You" I showed her the peace sign...and she showed the same thing to me back she looked at me and continued singing..."I belong to you, you belong to me/Forever", during the me and you part she pointed her finger to her and to was a magical moment...she has no idea that the person that wrote her the letter and the person with the the peace sign are one and the was...let's see how Jason Newsted said it in an interview in '99 when he came to play with Metallica in Romania: "A good song is one that make the listener feel that that song was written for him, that tells his story"...Dude, you were so damn right!

Yesterday it all ended, during "You'll Never Be Alone" I said "Goodbye" to my grandma, it is time to move on...and beside me there was the person who has been with me all along this time, the person who tolerates my moods, my crankiness, my headaches, the person who I admire the most, the one who I love and cherish, my best friend. I started moving on because of her and I said my goodbyes with her by my side during "You'll never be alone" --- on the song who helped me so much.

Thank you Doina and Anastacia...

Ps: The horrible voice you might hear on the recording it's my voice :D happy....every day counts!


D's Poetry said...

You're so amazing, girl!
I am so happy for what happened yesterday:)
On another note - are you sure that the horrible voice is yours and not mine? I told to let me know if you start recording...!!!!!!!

Iv Sadovsky Photography said...

I did...I was looking at you and telling you...I'm recording!!!!!!

Susan Deborah said...

The 'moment' that we let go happens in a flash and is the best. I am glad for what happened to you. Sometimes connections happen in the most unusual manner.

Wish you joy, peace, courage and passion always.


Iv Sadovsky Photography said...

Thank you Susan, I'm sure they do happen like that:)