Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I miss you grandma

I sure would've loved if you could've been there for me...sharing with me the joy and happiness of my teens...the disappointments and decisions that I've made through out the years... I sure could've used your guidance....grandma's can't live with them,,,can't live without them.... I wanna share with you something that my best friend wrote for her grandpa...

Dear grandpa
by Doina aka The Outlaws' Song

Dear grandpa,

One day I went looking for you,

But everything around me

Seemed to keep your secret

Please, grandpa, share it with me and tell me:

Are you a cloud…,…or a leaf…,…or a mountain?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dear grandpa,

One night I left my home to look for you,

But the dark outside rendered my way difficult.

And the trees' shade hid you so well that I couldn't find you

So, dear loved grandpa, please tell me:

Are you a wave…,…or a root…,…or a star?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dear grandpa,

One summer I left my friends to look for you

But the burning sun blinded my eyes

It dried my skin and stifled me with its heat.

So, grandpa, I beg you please tell me this:

Are you a bug…,…or a flower…,… or a fly?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dear grandpa,

One winter I left my family to look for you,

But the wind pushed me aside my way

And the coolness broke me to pieces

So, grandpa, have mercy and tell me:

Are you a rain drop…,… or a snow flake…,… or a thunder?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dear grandpa,

When there was no place left to search,

I thought to look for you among the animals

But I didn't know where to look firstly:

In the boundless heights of the sky,

In the dangerous caches of the jungle,

Or in the mysterious depths of the sea.

So, I'd like you so much to tell me:

Are you an eagle… … or a tiger… … or a shark?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dear grandpa,

One spring night found me thinking of you

And lost In memories, staring to the moon

I wondered:

Grandpa of my heart

Are you a timid ray… …or a tiny shadow… …or a tired ghost?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dear grandpa,

Surprisingly, after many restless nights, I fell asleep

And when the old Sandman sent me to the land of dreams

I asked you more ardently than ever

Dear loved grandpa

Are you the echo of my voice… …or the sadness in my cries… …or the fear in my eyes?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

But, dear grandpa,

When I woke up I realized that you're the angel on my shoulder

For you're my dearest memory

And no matter what else you may be

You will always be beside me.

There's no need to go that far looking for you

Because you are in here, deep down inside my heart.


I wanted to post this video because it helped me very much after my grandma passed away....this is a promise that I'm making to myself: I will meet Anastacia and tell her that her music is brilliant and that she helped me very much even if she doesn't realize it and even if definitely she heard this a thousand times...

Anastacia - You'll Never Be Alone (Official Music Video) - The best video clips are here

PS: Grandma....where ever you are...I love you...and I missed you...Oh yeah...and I found my piano professor just like you told me:) happy....every day counts!


D's Poetry said...

Ai intrebat cat te costa ora de pian?:P

Anna said...

Iv nice tribute to your grandmother. It is sad that those we love have to go. Anna :)

Rodica Botan said...

Am 54 de ani si sint bunica. Dar bunica mea a murit acum 11 inca ii duc dorul.

In salonul meu inca am cosul ei de lucru cu acul implintat in ghemul de ata care din cauza vremii si al prafului a ajuns de culoare grii...Intr-un cui din bucatarie am un sort vechi de-al ei cel purta in zilele cind facea gogosi...iar in dulap un plovar maro tricotat de ea pe care din cind in cind il scot si -i zimbesc.

Ma straduiesc sa fiu macar o farima din ce a fost bunica mea. Femeie simpla...inima o dragoste neconditionata.
Cred ca oamenii pe care i-am iubit continua sa existe in noi, atunci cind alegem sa fim ca ei...atunci cind ne amintim lucrurile bune care le-au facut, dragostea lor si incercam sa traim dupa legile alea vechi si sfinte...

Mi-a placut sa citesc articolul tau...Blessings!!!