Thursday, March 19, 2009

God is a painter!

Today I'll post several photos:)

I love looking at the sky...When I was little I used to watch the sky for hours and hours and just see shapes in the clouds, I still do that now but not as often as I'd like. A couple of years ago I thought to my self that doing this it's really stupid and I was certain that no one my age would do some thing like this until I met HER ---- my best friend, the artist, the poet, the spiritual, the life lover, the one who smiles every moment, the kid, the one who deserves all the best things in the world, the one to whom I'd go to Hell and stay there if that would save enough with the compliments because I wouldn't like her to develop and ego issue because of me:P....This is her blog, check it out!

Today I feel good, don't know why but I do:P....I feel like shouting but since I'm nowhere remote I wouldn't like to give any one a heart attack with my "amazing voice/scream"...Now I have a headache...God, this moods are killing me:P...Anyway I was trying to say something and I'm just about to forget so I'll get right to the subject....
Isn't it nice when you go outside and just see the beauty of things??? When God created Earth he was in a really good mood...I wonder if he ever ran out of inspiration? I love photography and I just hope that someday I'd be as good as the photographers that I admire.....Peace to you all my friends...

Sunburst by ~RowanIris on deviantART

This is my best friend:

Dizzy Hair by ~RowanIris on deviantART

This is something a very talented girl made and you should really check out her galley on - link

Another friend I recently made here is Anna, a fellow blogger and photographer. I promise you that once you visit her blog you'll be amazed by her writing and photography and also by her beautiful son Matthew ---- link

Since we are already talking about babies, I'd like you to visit Nicole Smith's blog. She's a very talented painter. Her paintings are ideal for a gift or why not for your personal use. If you want to brighten up your kid's room then you found the right place. happy....every day counts!


D's Poetry said...

Merci! Esti dulce! :)

Nicole Leigh said...

Thanks for the mention! That was so nice of you, and as always thanks to you and D for all your nice comments on my blog... cheers!!!

Anna said...

Iv you are so precious. Thank you so much for your very kind comment and mention in your post. Sorry to arrive a bit late - we hoping that Matthew's teeth will break through soon. Thanks again, and I will try to visit your listed blogs. Nice sketch of your best friend, Anna :)