Sunday, February 22, 2009

Somewhere in time

There was a time when I jumped in the fire,
And when I wanted to seek and destroy the thing that should not be.
I tried to follow the call of Ktulu but I was trapped under ice.
I came across my own Sanitarium as I became a harvester of sorrow.
Am I evil? I asked myself,there's just a bad seed in me.
The problem that I had with myself in wasn't a blitzkrieg, it was a long cold war.
I tried to hear the low man's lyrics as I was searching for the eye of the beholder
But in my way I didn't find the phantom lord nor prince charming
I didn't find what I was looking for....
I had to escape creeping death by fighting fire with fire
Because I didn't want to become king nothing or helpless.
Sometimes I had the feeling that The God that failed was in my life,
And that the struggle within made my life blackened.
Through the never I seeked the hero of the day
And where the wild things are I found her
As the small hours faded away and Tuesday was gone,
Slowly we began to speak and realize that it wasn't too late too late.
And the more I see I realize that I'm not a damaged case after all
Nothing else matters except the gratitude I have for the hero of the day,
Who thought me that to live is to die but in the same time that I had to carpe diem baby!
She took attitude and made me turn the page.
There was a new beginning waiting outside the door.
She was the one who helped me find my cure,
And who put fuel into my battery in order to move on.
She also brought the four horsemen in my life, to what I'm gratefull for...
I shall always take my five friends with me wherever I may roam.
I used to think that I was bleeding me,
But now I know that I was just killing time.
She is not a disposable hero nor a dyer's eve
She is the master of the puppets and the Orion in my life,
But for me she will always be the HERO OF THE DAY..
I'm not going to dance the devil's dance
I shall move on just like I'm supposed to.
Sad but true this story is true....
The memory remains but I'm not going to get on the frayed ends of sanity because of this.

thank you hero of the for me, please