Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy Birthday --- to ME

I thought today will be an ordinary day. I don't usually do anything special on my birthday and because I enjoy watching movies that's what I do all day, just go out and watch movies.
Today was different, the phone rang constantly even from people I didn't expect and that's better than receiving presents, from my point of view anyway.
Today I decided that I found my Hero Of The Day and another conclusion that I reached is that my Hero isn't just one and mostly a Hero shouldn't be that person who has unbelievable powers but why not a mother who decided not to abandon her children even if she's alone and has financial problems, that person who stops and helps someone out of their goodness of their heart? I think we daily pass by heroes and we don't even realize it. My parents are my heroes because they are still struggling to keep me in college, my teacher is my hero because he showed me that people deserve second chances and because "he thought me to fish instead of giving me a fish" my clinic doctor for showing me that you don't have to study for other but for yourself, that you have to fight the rumors with pride and your head up and that fashion is not about just wearing clothes but how it reveals the inner you. And last but not least, my one and only true best friend Doina, the one who "reached into my soul, who saw pain, who saw guilt and deceit" but didn't pass on but stopped and healed.
I am very lucky because I'm surrounded by people who love me and are there for me, it's a nice feeling. These person and the things we do for each other are more valuable than anything in the whole wide world.

Thank you again each and everyone of you for existing in my life! happy....every day counts!