Friday, December 10, 2010


Hey guys, I know I haven't been very active lately, familly issues, work and school is mainly my concern these days.
I'm very proud that i got a B at my Toxicology partial exam which for me is a biiiig thing. I never liked Chemestry or anything that has to do with this, but we have this great teacher and you just can't go without your lesson learn....just simply can't.

On another note, I met someone, better said I have known her for years now, but these last couple of days I realized that she actually is an exceptional person. Our relationship is double, meaning that in some circumstances she is my superior but there have been some ocassions where she was just someone I could talk to, very open and sincere.

My parents left the country and now I'm all alone so I felt a little weird lately, thank God for friends, otherwise I don't know where I would be right now.

So thank you my dear acquittance for letting me know you a little better and know that my actions are sincere. happy....every day counts!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Snow Explosion

Snow Explosion, check it out now!!!

You can find the link on the right blog bar, just click on it and you'll see their page. happy....every day counts!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I really think that living the moment is a wise thing to do. And I also believe that everyone lives his life in the way they choose. I'm known among my friends and family to be very impulsive, I don't take to much time taking a decision I just react in the spur of the moment. It's not always a good thing but it helped me a lot along the way.

This weekend I did some horsebackriding .... it was awesome, I can't wait to do it again. I used to be afraid of horses, them being so big and all, that's until I met Lexus .... the greatest horse there is ....

This is Lexus :) happy....every day counts!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I said it before but I'll say it again

I can't get tired of this song....I really think this is the kind of song you can listen to it in any state of mind, I think it's a healer song. I can't imagine how it is to write a song for milions of people, for tons of emotions, beliefs, feelings .... Can you imagine how many kids has this song brought to the world?? I remember a couple of years ago, when my best friend turned 18, at her prom night, this was playing after singing happy birthday to her .... must have been a nice feeling.

Nothing else matters always puts a smile on my face, it's nice seeing that a love so big it really exists.

Life would've been empty without Metallica's songs .... I truly believe that ! happy....every day counts!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Persian Flaw

The meaning of Persian Flaw comes from a long time ago when Persian tribes made carpets while migrating from one part of the Persian Empire to other regions. The Persian tribe members worked together to weave carpets that would tell their story of trials and tribulations. Just one princely Persian carpet would take years to complete with help of many tribe members to achieve a perfect Persian carpet (well almost). The Persians believed only God or a higher power was perfect in all aspects and to show this carpet makers would intentionally place flaws or mistakes in the carpet. happy....every day counts!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy Birthday --- to ME

I thought today will be an ordinary day. I don't usually do anything special on my birthday and because I enjoy watching movies that's what I do all day, just go out and watch movies.
Today was different, the phone rang constantly even from people I didn't expect and that's better than receiving presents, from my point of view anyway.
Today I decided that I found my Hero Of The Day and another conclusion that I reached is that my Hero isn't just one and mostly a Hero shouldn't be that person who has unbelievable powers but why not a mother who decided not to abandon her children even if she's alone and has financial problems, that person who stops and helps someone out of their goodness of their heart? I think we daily pass by heroes and we don't even realize it. My parents are my heroes because they are still struggling to keep me in college, my teacher is my hero because he showed me that people deserve second chances and because "he thought me to fish instead of giving me a fish" my clinic doctor for showing me that you don't have to study for other but for yourself, that you have to fight the rumors with pride and your head up and that fashion is not about just wearing clothes but how it reveals the inner you. And last but not least, my one and only true best friend Doina, the one who "reached into my soul, who saw pain, who saw guilt and deceit" but didn't pass on but stopped and healed.
I am very lucky because I'm surrounded by people who love me and are there for me, it's a nice feeling. These person and the things we do for each other are more valuable than anything in the whole wide world.

Thank you again each and everyone of you for existing in my life! happy....every day counts!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I have a lot of thought on my mind today. The first thing I want to share with you is that I operated alone last week ... well partialy alone anyway, with the help of the talented doctor, Anca Cioran, which is a briliant doctor and a great observant and under the guidance of my surgery teacher, dr. Nicolae Bercaru to whom I'm very grateful that he gave me this opportunity even if I'm not the best student in the college, I really try to do my best and most of all i'm trying not to dissapoint me nor them.
Daily I try to be like a sponge because everything they say is meaningful .... When I first apply to a private college I wasn't to happy about it, I thought it will be hard and that the people will be well...let's just say different... and they are, they really are different, but in that good kind of way, I mean that teachers talk to you and treat you like a human beign and most of all they appreciate people who try to do their best.
Everyday I feel stimulated by the people around me to learn more, to do more .... to be more than I was yesterday and that is a good thing.
I also want to thank my best friend, Doina to whom I'll be forever grateful because otherwise I wouldn't be doing this and also for all the support and love which she shows me daily even if we have our little fight from time to time ...
leo + gemini = ocassional fights but we're still friends and admire each other ... hopefully :P
Well thank you guys, I'm off to work because tomorrow is a very important day... See you soon.

Kisses Anna and your little kid! happy....every day counts!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Before meeting Metallica this year, a friend of mine asked me if I ate a lot of s**t when I was little. Today I think I ate a lot ... I heard somthing today from someone that I never believed it would be possible and my conclusion is that I'm lucky...really ... and very honored about what was said to me. :)

You guys just know that I'm lucky and that I'm spending most of my time in the clinic with the most awesome team I have ever met.

You guys are awesome! happy....every day counts!

Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm still living my dream

Hey you guys sorry for the lack of posts but betwen work and college there's not much time and I prefer going out with my best friend.
So, this weekend I was at Sonisphere and it was absolutely amazing, plus the fact that my friend and I met Lars and watched Metallica playing from their stage :D:D:D ... (us lucky bastards. I have to thank my good frind Chris for this opportunity and of course Barbara from the Metallica crew.
Lars is that kind of person to whom you'd talk for hours and hours and a couple of hours more.
Rammstein was great, really, I didn't expect that kind of a show, they really kick ass.
I'll share with you a couple of picks and a video.

Rock on!

 happy....every day counts!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Old friends

I was at the Ac/Dc concert .... I have only one word .... INFUCKINGCREDIBLE .... I mean ... WOW ... really. Anyway, this isn't the reason I'm writting here today, it's because I found one of my old friends. Her name is Rucsandra, she was my English tutor when I was small .... very small-minded that is :P ... I haven't talked to her sincer 2003 I think . She was my best friend back then I saw her as my older sis and this feeling of finding her again is beautiful, can't describe it. I just know that sincer yesterday I'm smilling, for no reason ... as I write this I smile and remember stuff from when I was a kid.

So.... she lives in France now and I can't wait to see her :)

I'll show you a picture of her and the little rebel (yup... that's me :))

Jesus I was wearing a skirt .... definitely my mom dressed me up that day!! How comes mom never hear about jeans ?! happy....every day counts!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Old talking shoes happy....every day counts!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


The bad thing in medicine and I think both in human and veterinary medicine is when the pacients cross the border and become your friends. For a month I found a new little friend in cat, but this cat was special. I'm not a cat lover, never was, but she was really special, she had this funny nose and had 3 kind of colors on her fur and extremly friendly. Last week she slept on my tummy...that was very nice :)...But this morning when I went to the clinic I found her dead...I didn't wanna go so early but ... I guess it was ment to be.... that's why it's not nice when little furry animals become your can't stop thinking about'em ... I so miss her :( happy....every day counts!

Friday, April 9, 2010

A is for answering all of my prayers happy....every day counts!

Today was a very good day my friends :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Holydays happy....every day counts!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Steve Vai happy....every day counts!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Feel the vibe ... the energy ... the feeling

Today inspiration kicked on my door. I've been longing to make a Hetfield banner since I started making this shits but today.... today was good and this is what it came out:

also I love working on pictures that are professionaly made, take Ross Halfin's photos, this is what it came after a few brushes and textures over the Master's art :

So I'll leave you with one of my favorite concerts and songs... if you're a Metallica fan than you know that this song is their stepping stone of their carrer

I know why but James's solo in Master of Puppets is really orgasmic ... happy....every day counts!

Monday, February 22, 2010


Two years ago I was in my summer school practice and as you know the surgery clinic was equal to Hell for me, though if I think better I would've preffered Hell then the attending doctor.
I don't usually smile, I don't know why, I mean I don't know when this started, it may have been when my grandma died but I'm not sure about that. Anyway this doctor is the kind of person who laughs all the time, makes jokes, it's a very nice atmosphere in the clinic when he's around and when the other doctor joins in usually we crack ourselfs up. (I forgot to mention that in the surgery clinic there are two doctors one female and younger and one male and older -- i know it sounds weird; The older one was giving me a hard time)... Anyway so he starts telling me a story about this guy he knew and never smiled, he was always upset. So this was a kind of a lesson for me and I was thinking to myself that he has no other thing to do than to pick on me.
Today I heard the same story but not ment for me...I smiled and remember and also realized that he was right and I'm trying to overpass this flaw.

I really do think that things happen for a reason...The university wasn't my first choice, actually I wasn't even considering it, but because of an error I ended up here and I met amazing people, people that have real goals, they are accomplished in so many way that once they start teaching they take you in this great world of knowledge, aspiration, culture, amazement and intelect.

So maybe the 'Alchemist' was right ... you have to return to the point of origin in order to find happiness and fullfilment and for that I have to thank my best friend because without her I wouldn't be where I am today. happy....every day counts!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

"This is a message pay attention I got something to say"

Indeed there is something to be thankful for...and in life things always happen for a reason. There are no mistakes just bad decisions but which at the end my result as good decisions.

One door closes but another opens...In life we always have to fight for what we stand for, for our beliefs.

I start realizing that there are a few people who will really help you because it seems human to help someone in need, nowadays everything has a price and that's a shame. We reached the point where without a substantial sum of money you don't get the treatment give you by your constitutional right.

I was never an agressive person but aparently life makes you like that. Though I don't like Guns'n Roses, when you come into this world there should be a sign saying Welcome to the Jungle because that's what life has because, the battle for survival.

Nowadays trust is a long forgotten word.

I think the song I'm about to post will sum up what I've been meaning to say

PS: Thank you to those who still bealive in frendship, trust or loyalty, who know that the ends don't always certify the means, those people who can see over masks and recognize good even if there's somewhere hidden.

Oh yeah, something I noticed .... there is a characterizing every person...

Have yourself a great weekend! happy....every day counts!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye

Do no of the golden rules in life...I think that when these rules were created the person didn't take one small thing into consideration .... MAN by its definition is mearly a savage beast guided of course by society and rules, but only an animal.
WE...human....hunt,pray,stalk...but besides intelligence there is one thing that makes us different from animals ... lack of loyalty. I see more and more that is getting harder and harder for people to be loyal and why is that???? Money...power ... both?
People consider me weird that I have only one friend, oh of course you know the term "friend"... you know that person who knows you like the palm of your hand, who is there UNCONDITIONALLY...who gives you the kick in the ass when you need it and who lends you the hand when you to busy whinning about the kick in the ass. Anyway I'm happy that I was lucky enough to find my friend. happy....every day counts!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Proud of my teacher

I remember my first time at the surgery practice...I HATED my surgery doctor, honestly, he'd always make fun, wouldn't be serios and stuff, plus he was very harsh. But because of him and my Animal Welfare teacher I found my calling...I want to practice in Animal Welfare because you see, in this domain you need to be fair, coherent, meticulous and as my Animal Welfare professor says you need to have a keen sense of observation.
I remember that my surgery teacher once said that if you want to be a good doctor, you need to work as sterile as you can.
Plus Animal Welfare stands for some of the things I believe in: protect the ones who can't protect themselves, honestly, fairness, principles...
So ... I'm proud of my teacher because he's the first vet in Romania who performed a heart surgery, inserting a pacemaker on a dog and though the video is in romanian I'll post it because once again he showed me that if you work hard enough you can do the unbelievable.

Thank you :) happy....every day counts!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Miami Ink

If I ever have a tattoo....I'm gonna let my skin be tattood by one of these guys/ preference as long as it's one of them! happy....every day counts!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Well folks the Holydays are over (bummer) and school started (bummer x 2), but it's always nice getting back there, studying in order to achieve that dream. Anyway, since every year comes with new exceptation, dreams , hopes... My dreams for this year is to be healthy and have the power to move forward no matter the obstacles I encounter.
I recently discovered that I'm sick, yeah, definitely I'm sick, I have an incurable virus named "Rock'n Roll". Hell's located in my veins and I can't get rid of it, not that I want to do that anyway.

How many of you have this virus and what is are symthoms?
Every year I hve this urge to thank God that I can hear, and see, and touch....and being as healthy as I can be in these times...I'm grateful for having such wonderful and loving parents, for having a friend that is there for me, for having the liberty to do whatever I want in the limits of my principals and social boundries.

Ana I want to thank you for always reading my post, and I wanted to thank you here since I know you'll peak :P...kiss Matthew for me and have a great year.
And everyone don't forget to enjoy every moment!

I started this year listening to her:

....and(I don't have a picture of the band, but I promise I'll make one soon)...

and obviously my first love...

Also, I've seen Avatar, you really should go see it, James Cameron is a genius !

...And if you have the time you should check out my friend Rob's band here to be redirected to their Myspace page: happy....every day counts!