Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer vacation and reopening note

Well as you may have noticed I was gone a month from my blog but was all in educational purposes. I was in summer practice for a month and when I came home I was too tired to write anything. Plus now I came with very interesting stuff from the clinic. And because I haven't written in so long today I'm going to compensate and tell you a little bit of my experience. Last year I hated the time I had to spend in surgery, this year life's twisted way made me change my whole perception of this subject and my professor and spent the whole month in surgery and had the time of my life. As you can see I posted some pictures I took there: The first two are some pins of a dog and kitten who weren't too careful and ended up on the table.

Isn't this the saddest thing you have ever seen? This little guy...or should I say little girl has a kidney problem and has the eczema on the entire body, she was full of bruises because the eczema is extremely itching and she scratched until she bled. Thank God everything worked out just fine.

Now this is the case where the doctor practically made me drool. So this guy come with this Golden Retriever with a stick in her mouth tied up. And because I was drinking coffee I came a little late in the operation room (lol) so everybody was freaking out and I asked a colleague what happened. This beautiful little dog ate a fishing bait (talking about being hungry:P) and it got stuck on her esophagus. The owner was smart enough (I so love owners who have brains) to tie that stick on her tongue so it would make it impossible for the dog to swallow. So the doctor was going back and forth about what is he going to do...after several of ideas a guy comes in and says hey what about a barium test to see were exactly is the bait placed.....And then...I saw the light reflecting the doctor...the light bulb turned on and he did the following: You see, it's complicated working on that area because you might irreparable damage the patient. So to make the story short the doc introduced a tube which had a twisted pin at the end in the dog's esophagus and pulled the bait nice and gently without harming the dog...Now you tell me isn't this man a genius or what?? The picture below is the barium scan.

This little guy has his story but I would like to keep it secret....

On another note I got a new phone from my parents...I'm very happy with, it's blue. I have it on green too but I told the lady at the store that I'm on Veterinary Medicine so when I go at the farm, if I keep it green the cows might mix it up with grass and might eat it :P (I'm not very fond of green , don't know why)

And last but not least my uncle got married, I had a lot of was a nice way to spend time with the family...It was a small wedding just the family and a few close friends but it didn't matter because we had a lot of fun.
Here are some pictures of the bride and groom and of me and my best friend who were entitled to hold the candles in the church....

The last picture is a little secret written for someone very special to me...

Writing about it made me realize that I had a pretty full month! Well hope to see you guys soon:) happy....every day counts!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

80's Rock Photos -- The big Comeback

Click here to visit David Plastik's website:


About David Plastik

During the 80's, David Plastik was a highly sought, widely published photographer. He shot and freelanced for a wide variety of popular music magazines and was the preferred photographer for a number of musicians and bands. Many of his candid shots were obtained through his personal friendships with the rock stars that were his subjects. Look around and check out these concert photos; the composition of his shots speaks volumes.
Publications in Which David's Photos Have Appeared

David's work has been featured in numerous books as well as in publications such as Guitar, Rolling Stone, Cream and Hit Parader to name just a few. If any of these photos rings a bell or looks vaguely familiar, it's likely because you saw it years ago in a magazine. If there was a band that toured in the eighties, chances are that
David Plastik photographed them.

If you mention that you find his website from my blog David is going to give you a bonus so don't miss out this opportunity! happy....every day counts!