Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Freya - The Butterfly Effect

So, me and my friend didn't finish our project yet, but do know that we're working on it! On another note I'd like to share another purpose why this blog was created:

You might wonder what's this blog about, who's Freya or what is she....She's a stray dog. A couple of days ago two ladies came at the vet cabinet where I am doing my summer practice for school. So they walked in and put on a table maybe the most beautiful dog I have ever seen in my life. So helpless and disoriented she was searching for something on that table. The doctor gave her a shot for the intestinal worms that she had, but that's not all... To make things short Freya was supposed to stay at my place but my folks didn't agree so I had to take her back the next day. During the time she was at my place, while me and my best friend were giving her a bath she started losing blood from her mouth....So I call the doctor and we can do nothing yet,just wait....But hold on, that's not all...This little thing is deaf and partially blind...who did it? Maybe nature, maybe some kid that had nothing else to do.So at this point I strongly disagree with "Animals have the privilege of not being humans"....Sometimes it's not worth being a human nor an animal, though animals have more compassion than most of us.
We have to start treating animals better than we are doing right now...maybe they should have written rights too.