Saturday, July 21, 2012

The sound of a needle holder :)

We are all born in this life for a reason, those who believe in reincarnation, believe that we are brought in this world to evolve, until we reach a higher power, to understand from our past mistakes and we reborn until we don't do them again. Everyone has a reason to be here, we just don't know what and until we find it we walk blind folded. On our journey in life we find sadness and happiness but the most important thing is to do the best with what we have, to find joy in everything that we do, to enjoy the simple things in life, because each of us is simple in a complex way. I found out that I love music, it makes me happy, it's who I am, it represent me in the most simple way. I love the few friends I have, because I know that no matter what they are here, I love my job and last but definitely not least I love surgery, I love every part of it. I love the excitement, the adrenaline rush that fills my body when I'm holding the scalpel, I love the feeling when everything went well and that innocent soul is better because something I did. I, for one don't think I would've been where I am today without the people that were there for me, the one's that guided me, that scolded me when I was wrong, that encouraged me when I was weak and I thought I couldn't go any further. So I feel honored to thank all of you who supported every step and big decision that I took in my life. Thank YOU for convincing me that I could study medicine, thank YOU for supporting me that I could do better and that I shouldn't quit, and last but not least thank YOU for teaching me the beauty of surgery, thank you for making me love the sound that the needle holder makes when I close it in order to suture...thank you all for helping me throughout these years, it's not that I couldn't done it without you, but you sure made things easier. Each and everyone of you is special :) happy....every day counts!