Wednesday, March 30, 2011

people that you got used to

it's weird when people you have around you change their behaviour drastically, you start wondering were you did wrong and looking back you realize that there are things that you could've changed if you paid more attention to the details, but we usually realize this things when it's too damn late and you can't change a thing and not even apologizing doesn't work anymore. I used to be a very happy person, just like in the quote i have as my signature but something changed, life got me so caught up with things that i forgot to smile and enjoy to little things in life and that's sad because i make people around me uncomfortable without even realizing.
I think it's time i should do some introspection and do something about this situation before i start losing important friends.

I'm sorry that i don't always pay attention and that i leave the impression that i'm always bothered about something and that i always have line in storage. I am good person who just cares a lot about the people around her. Do know that every one of you play an important part in my life. I do love all of you that were here for me in my darkest hours and in my moments of joy. Each of you represent a statue for me which i'd love to become some day.

Thank you for being what you are! happy....every day counts in


Anna said...

Iv it is never too late to smile, even when you are sad, try it, it works!

Anna :)