Monday, February 22, 2010


Two years ago I was in my summer school practice and as you know the surgery clinic was equal to Hell for me, though if I think better I would've preffered Hell then the attending doctor.
I don't usually smile, I don't know why, I mean I don't know when this started, it may have been when my grandma died but I'm not sure about that. Anyway this doctor is the kind of person who laughs all the time, makes jokes, it's a very nice atmosphere in the clinic when he's around and when the other doctor joins in usually we crack ourselfs up. (I forgot to mention that in the surgery clinic there are two doctors one female and younger and one male and older -- i know it sounds weird; The older one was giving me a hard time)... Anyway so he starts telling me a story about this guy he knew and never smiled, he was always upset. So this was a kind of a lesson for me and I was thinking to myself that he has no other thing to do than to pick on me.
Today I heard the same story but not ment for me...I smiled and remember and also realized that he was right and I'm trying to overpass this flaw.

I really do think that things happen for a reason...The university wasn't my first choice, actually I wasn't even considering it, but because of an error I ended up here and I met amazing people, people that have real goals, they are accomplished in so many way that once they start teaching they take you in this great world of knowledge, aspiration, culture, amazement and intelect.

So maybe the 'Alchemist' was right ... you have to return to the point of origin in order to find happiness and fullfilment and for that I have to thank my best friend because without her I wouldn't be where I am today. happy....every day counts!


Anna said...

Iv girl you got to smile more, lol. You know this is nice story, and you know it is nice to know that you have realized it, and you know it. Good luck with your studies, funny you said you ended up in university, and it wasn't your first choice. Same happened to me with engineering, it wasn't my choice, but it all ended up good, I scored two things, lol, degree and a husband. Thanks for sharing your story, it was nice to know more about you. Anna :)