Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye

Do no of the golden rules in life...I think that when these rules were created the person didn't take one small thing into consideration .... MAN by its definition is mearly a savage beast guided of course by society and rules, but only an animal.
WE...human....hunt,pray,stalk...but besides intelligence there is one thing that makes us different from animals ... lack of loyalty. I see more and more that is getting harder and harder for people to be loyal and why is that???? Money...power ... both?
People consider me weird that I have only one friend, oh of course you know the term "friend"... you know that person who knows you like the palm of your hand, who is there UNCONDITIONALLY...who gives you the kick in the ass when you need it and who lends you the hand when you to busy whinning about the kick in the ass. Anyway I'm happy that I was lucky enough to find my friend. happy....every day counts!