Sunday, January 31, 2010

Proud of my teacher

I remember my first time at the surgery practice...I HATED my surgery doctor, honestly, he'd always make fun, wouldn't be serios and stuff, plus he was very harsh. But because of him and my Animal Welfare teacher I found my calling...I want to practice in Animal Welfare because you see, in this domain you need to be fair, coherent, meticulous and as my Animal Welfare professor says you need to have a keen sense of observation.
I remember that my surgery teacher once said that if you want to be a good doctor, you need to work as sterile as you can.
Plus Animal Welfare stands for some of the things I believe in: protect the ones who can't protect themselves, honestly, fairness, principles...
So ... I'm proud of my teacher because he's the first vet in Romania who performed a heart surgery, inserting a pacemaker on a dog and though the video is in romanian I'll post it because once again he showed me that if you work hard enough you can do the unbelievable.

Thank you :) happy....every day counts!


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