Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Well folks the Holydays are over (bummer) and school started (bummer x 2), but it's always nice getting back there, studying in order to achieve that dream. Anyway, since every year comes with new exceptation, dreams , hopes... My dreams for this year is to be healthy and have the power to move forward no matter the obstacles I encounter.
I recently discovered that I'm sick, yeah, definitely I'm sick, I have an incurable virus named "Rock'n Roll". Hell's located in my veins and I can't get rid of it, not that I want to do that anyway.

How many of you have this virus and what is are symthoms?
Every year I hve this urge to thank God that I can hear, and see, and touch....and being as healthy as I can be in these times...I'm grateful for having such wonderful and loving parents, for having a friend that is there for me, for having the liberty to do whatever I want in the limits of my principals and social boundries.

Ana I want to thank you for always reading my post, and I wanted to thank you here since I know you'll peak :P...kiss Matthew for me and have a great year.
And everyone don't forget to enjoy every moment!

I started this year listening to her:

....and(I don't have a picture of the band, but I promise I'll make one soon)...

and obviously my first love...

Also, I've seen Avatar, you really should go see it, James Cameron is a genius !

...And if you have the time you should check out my friend Rob's band here to be redirected to their Myspace page: happy....every day counts!


Anna said...

Excellent creations Iv. Have fun in school, I always enjoyed coming back. Happy New Year 2010, have a healthy one. Anna :)

Anna said...

Iv hope all is well with you. Anna :)

Iv Sadovsky Photography said...

You know mw Anna, busy with school...exams until February :(