Wednesday, November 25, 2009

You labeled me I'll label you

Jason Newsted once said that a true song is the one that makes the listner think that it was written for him/her.
I can't understand people who don't relate to music, or any kind of art, I find them rather empty inside. I thank God as often as I can because I can hear and because I am able to understand most of the songs I listen. While returning from college I was listening to Metallica's Unforgiven and this lyrics strucked me : "You labeled me I'll label you"... Yes I do that and it may be a flaw but I do it, many times without realizing it, but I rather think that it's a self defence mechanism. Since I'm at the flaw department...I tend to get territorial but only when it envolves something that is extremly dear to me. I'm just the kind of person who still believe in true romance, in being conquered rather than "tripping", in making love rather than mating, in going out for long walks rather than at the Mall, in spending time with people I like rather than hanging out with people just because it looks "cool". I like to keep myself focused on what I have to do at the moment instead of complicating myself with things that can happen later in time.

I'll have a banner ready for you in a couple of days happy....every day counts!


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