Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My first banner

So after long long long....efforts of understanding an Adobe tutorial I made my first real banner. I just took the first pictures that came across my mouse pointer and inserted them into Adobe. Rolling between tabs, swearing because I could see where the selective tools were, then the blend option....oh yeah and my the ***** you place another picture on top of your background picture (realized that it was just a drag and drop action :|)

I'm delighted to see that my first banner is with Anastacia. Please give me some feedback,, critiques are always welcomed. happy....every day counts!


Anna said...

Iv girl you are genius! Excellent work, you keep up the good work. BTW how are you doing? Anna :)

Iv Sadovsky Photography said...

Hey Anna, it's nice hearing from you, I'm fine, I just took my final exam yesterday, which means I'm oficially in my 3rd year:D...I'm half way there:). Thank you for your comment. I life fiinds you well at the other end of the "line".