Monday, August 17, 2009

Nothing old and nothing new - 21 here I am:)

Most of you are wondering what happened to me but I'm fine. I was at Slanic Prahova (you can find the details of the town at this link. I was with my best friend and with another friend from college. It was nice what can I say...we visited the surroundings and slept a lot. After a hard year at school we all needed the break. I'm posting so late because, even if I returned home yesterday, today was my birthday(21 years old:D) and I celebrated with my est became a habit to celebrate it with her because we have such a nice time together and there would be no other person to whom I'd like to share this special day. So...after I took a shower after returning from town today I looked in the mirror but didn't see any changes...I'm still the same I was when I was extra wrinkles, no 3rd you tell me folks, what makes you guys 21 or older? I'll post some pictures from the trip:) Have a nice week y'all.
Doina and Bogdan the view from the Green Mountain (weird name for a mountain don't you think?)

This is one of the salt walls from the salt mine in of the tourist attractions

A shoe carved in salt...neat:D

Another view from the Green Mountain

Nothing but the uncommon usual:P

Ps. Ana thanks for checking up on me. happy....every day counts!


Denise said...

Happy belated birthday!!xoxoxox