Sunday, June 28, 2009

You will be remembered

Tell me one person who lived in the 80' and hasn't heard of Michael idol, a legend, phenomenon, a kid....a great SPIRIT!
Michael Jackson was and will be forever the person who would make you feel ecstatic just by hearing his voice.
Michael Jackson was the pyramid, people nowadays are one the guys with the technology who try to reproduce what he was doing back in the '80s.
Just now I'm talking to my best friend and remembering my Michael Jackson times...I remember hurting my butt on numerous occasions trying to imitate him. It was on my kitchen floor dressed with some black pants, my dad's white shirt, a hat like MJ's and of course my socks...though my moonwalk never matched him it was a great experience.
I grew up with his music and will definitely never forget him...

Michael Jackson thought us what real music is and most important he thought us how to love....He brought together the whole WORLD...Look what's happening...THE WORLD MORNS HIM....THE ENTIRE WORLD....

RIP MICHAEL JACKSON happy....every day counts!


D's Poetry said...

Nice choice -- "Will you be there?" he asked...well look at it now--aren't we all there for him?!

Lee Beth said...

Hello. Just checking out new blogs and really like yours. Feel free to come check out mine if you'd like. :D