Friday, June 5, 2009

Red is my new color

I don't know why but I feel like wearing red. I was always know to be a Tom boy and I dig that because it's something that I feel like being, it's a part of me. I like playing football, basketball, tattoos, hanging out with guys (mostly because girls are mean and try to stab each other in their backs), I like beer and red wine, I like pants and not skirts, I like t-shirts and not elegant blouses (mostly because my best friend told me that while wearing something elegant I look like like i have something stuck "in the great abyss" -- if you get my point.)Anyway I like all those things and I'm not afraid to admit that who doesn't like it it's their problem and not mine because I'm fine the way I am : The Rocker Tom Boy :). Getting back to red....yeah feeling like wearing read (and now because I know know who you are think that it's because it's his favorite color) well...hmmm...let's say...maybe that has something to do with it . I feel like listening to Jack Johnson and Jazz and James Blunt or Michel Buble, though I sinned yesterday and listened to a lot of Metallica again, it was great headbanging again:P Well I think that's about it for tonight.... I had two exams lately and took them, which is a good thing !!! G'night everyone. I'll leave you with some pictures and some music....listen to it if you feel like it. And remember always Listen To Your Heart -- it must have a point too, right?

 happy....every day counts!


D's Poetry said...

Well ahm...2 things:
1. In the morning while watching Tom and Jerry and the Flirty Bird i told you you were Jerry - So, forget about The Rocker Tom Boy, you're the Rocker Jerry Boy:P

2. Don't change only because you think he doesn't enjoy your masculine side. But all in all you would look fantastic in those elegant blouses if you could get rid of that carrot!

Love ya!

Anna said...

Iv I really like what you did with your blog, and red really goes with it. BTW I like red too, cool stuff! Anna :)