Saturday, May 16, 2009


I wanted to write this yesterday but I was too tired to do so. Yesterday we (meaning my colleagues and I )went to a horse ranch too see what we've been learning about the entire year. As we arrive there after 2 hours of driving and getting lost (lol)we got out of the bus and started drinking something cold as we were hot like sh**....hell I meant:P. We saw a lot of horse and did some practice too, I'll show you some of the pictures that I made and I'll need your opinion on one of them: which one you like best and why, the one in greyscale or the normal one. Thank for all your help. Peace


And now the rest of them: happy....every day counts!


D's Poetry said...

Varianta color...neaparat!
Da, da stiu...ti-am zis deja pe mess raspunsul:P

D's Poetry said...

Imi spui macar prima litera...stii tu de la ce...hai pls...imi zici? te rog! fac ce vrei tu:D:D:D:D
imi zici...plima si ultima litela...te log:D

JuJu said...

I love the color because it reveals the nose to nose portrait better. Black and white is my favorite way to shoot. Yet it pushes us to compose the fore or back ground in most cases -- so the focal length the the lens can accommodate. If you manipulate the shutter speed and aperture - thus blurring the background more. it's me.
I love black and white. But am tortured by it as well.
I love the image completely!
And I really do love the color because it's good! Very beautiful.
Horses can nudge you at that point, make your nose bleed.
I might buy another mare and raise the baby with her.