Thursday, May 7, 2009

From cradle to grave

Well, to be very very honest with you that's not completely true because I don't know my best friends since we were little, but everyone who meets us can swear that we're friends for a long long time.
We met on 7th of May 2005 it was an ugly day it rain like Hell but she finally accepted to meet so it didn't matter. To make a very long story short we've been friends since we we celebrate our D'n'A day since that year. On every 7th of May it rains like that day we meet and we think it's special -- because it really is. Anyway, I care about my best friend a lot and there are so many things I'd do for here because I owe her a lot. Today we celebrate our D'n'A day but because I didn't feel so good and because it rain(obviously) instead of going out to tea we stood in the house, drank tea, ate chips and watched Brother Bear (you should really watch it)!

Also something else that brings us together is the passion we have for music. We listen to a lot of music and one of our favorites is Alanis Morissette. The song below describes my best friends very much and is also one of our favorites. happy....every day counts!